Class Append.

Inherits Command

Adds a message to a mailbox (RFC 3501 section 6.3.11)

Parsing mostly relies on the Message class, execution on the Injector. There is no way to insert anything but conformant messages, unlike some other IMAP servers. How could we do that? Not at all, I think.

RFC 3501gives a basic syntax for Append. RFC 3502 modifies it. RFC 4466 modifies it too. RFC 5257 extends the modification given by RFC 4466.

We now use the syntax given by RFC 4466.

uint Append::number( uint n )

This new version of number() demands n digits and returns the number.

void Append::process( Appendage * h )

This private execute() helper processes the single message h. It can be executed in parallel.

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