Class Listext.

Inherits Command. Inherited by Lsub.

The Listext class implements the extended List command, ie. the List command from imap4rev1 with the extensions added since, particularly RFC 5258.

Archiveopteryx does not support remote mailboxes, so the listext option to show remote mailboxes is silently ignored.


Constructs an empty List handler.

Reimplements Command::Command().

void Listext::addReturnOption( const EString & option )

Parses and remembers the return option, or emits a suitable error. option must be in lower case.

void Listext::addSelectOption( const EString & option )

Parses the selection option, or emits a suitable error. option must be lower-cased.

void Listext::makeResponse( Row * row )

Sends a LIST or LSUB response for row.

void Listext::parse()

Note that the extensions are always parsed, even if no extension has been advertised using CAPABILITY.

Reimplements Command::parse().

void Listext::reference()

Parses a reference name, and logs an error if something is wrong.

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