Class Lsub.

Inherits Listext

LIST for subscribed mailboxes (RFC 3501 section 6.3.9)

Everyone wishes that LSUB had never existed independently of LIST, paving the way for horrors like RLSUB. With Listext, one can treat LSUB as a special case of LIST (SUBSCRIBED). But we decided not to do that, because Listext is still (2005-01) a moving target, and adding a wart of this size to such a complex class feels wrong.


Constructs an empty LSUB handler.

Reimplements Listext::Listext().

void Lsub::reference()

This copy of Listext::reference() has to die... but first we have to find out how to make Lsub into a thinnish wrapper around the Listext functionality.

Reimplements Listext::reference().

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