Class PatriciaTree.

Inherits Garbage. Inherited by Dict, Map and UDict.

Implements a modified Patricia Tree.

Our implementation of this data structure stores objects of a single type based on a bit string. The bit string can have any length, it need not be an integer number of bytes. Our implementation differs from that described by Knuth in supporting keys that are prefixes of other keys.

The class is optimised for fast retrieval. Inserting is a little slower.

There are three common public operations: insert(), find() and remove(). There's also a clear(), which is fast but relies on GC to tidy up slowly later.

A few subclasses (with bad names for historical reasons) use PatriciaTree to provide maps from integers and strings, Dict, UDict and Map.

Two virtual functions, node() and free(), must be reimplemented in order to avoid relying on Allocator.


Creates an empty tree.

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

void PatriciaTree::clear()

Instantly forgets everything in the tree.

uint PatriciaTree::count() const

Returns the number of items in the tree.

void PatriciaTree::find( const char * k, uint l )

Looks up the item with key k of length l. A one-byte key must have l 8.

Returns 0 if there is no such item.

void PatriciaTree::free( PatriciaTree::Node * n )

This virtual function is called when n is no longer needed.

void PatriciaTree::insert( const char * k, uint l, T * t )

Inserts the item t using key k of length l. A one-byte key must have l 8.

If there already was an item with that key, the old item is silently forgotten.

bool PatriciaTree::isEmpty()

Returns true if the tree is empty, and false otherwise. Fast (much faster than !count()).

PatriciaTree::Node * PatriciaTree::node()

This virtual function allocates and returns a new tree node.

T * PatriciaTree::remove( const char * k, uint l )

Removes the item with key k of length l. A one-byte key must have l 8.

Returns a pointer to the removed item, or a null pointer if there was no such item in the tree.

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