Class SieveScript.

Inherits SieveProduction

The SieveScript class models a single script. It contains commands, has errors, etc. It's used by the Sieve class to run scripts and and ManageSieveCommand to syntax-check them.


Constructs an empty sieve script.

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

bool SieveScript::isEmpty() const

Returns true if this script contains no commands, and false otherwise.

EString SieveScript::location( uint position ) const

Returns a string describing the location of position in the current script.

void SieveScript::parse( const EString & script )

Parses script and stores the script as this object. Any previous script content is deleted. If script is has parse errors, they may be accessed as parseErrors().

EString SieveScript::parseErrors() const

Returns a (multi-line) string describing all the parse errors seen by the last call to parse(). If there are no errors, the returned string is empty. If there are any, it is a multiline string with CRLF after each line (except the last).

EString SieveScript::source() const

Returns a copy of the source code of this script.

List<SieveCommand> * SieveScript::topLevelCommands() const

Returns a list of top-level commands in this script. "if" and other commands may also have children.

Returns a null pointer if no script has been parsed, or a pointer to a (possiblty empty) list of commands if parse() has been called. The caller should not modify the list.

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