Class Threader.

Inherits EventHandler

The Threader class looks at a mailbox, builds an in-memory structure of the messages based on a table, and if necessary updates that table.

Threader::Threader( const Mailbox * mailbox )

Constructs a threader for mailbox, which must not be null.

const Mailbox * Threader::mailbox() const

Returns a pointer to the Mailbox mapped by this Threader. This cannot be a null pointer in a valid object.

void Threader::refresh( EventHandler * user )

Starts updating the thread data for mailbox(), if that's necessary. If refresh() causes any work to be done, the user will be notified of completion using EventHandler::execute().

List<SubjectThread> * Threader::subjectThreads() const

Returns a pointer to an unsorted list of all subject threads. Never returns a null pointer. The returned list should not be modified.

bool Threader::updated( bool alsoOnDisk ) const

Returns true if this Threader has complete data for mailbox(), and false if refresh() needs to be called or is working. If alsoOnDisk is true, updated() additionally checks whether the database tables are completely updated.

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