Class Intro.

Inherits Garbage

The Intro class introduces any number of classes (except zero). The introduction is output before the contained classes, and each class is output after its introduction.

The Intro has a DocBlock, as usual. The DocBlock calls addClass() during parsing; output() uses this information to call Class::generateOutput() on the right classes afterwards. main() calls output() to build all the output.

Intro::Intro( const String & name )

Constructs an Intro object to go into file name.

void Intro::addClass( Class * c )

Add c to the list of classes being introduced by this object.

String Intro::name() const

Returns the name supplied to the constructor.

static void Intro::output()

This static function processes all Intro objects and generates the appropriate output, including output for the classes introduced.

void Intro::setDocBlock( DocBlock * d )

Notifies this Intro that it is documented by d.

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