Class Log.

Inherits Garbage

The Log class sends log messages to the Log server.

A Log object accepts messages via log() and sends them to the log server.

Log::Log( Facility f )

Constructs an empty Log object with facility f.

static bool Log::disastersYet()

Returns true if at least one disaster has been logged (on any Log object), and false if none have been.

The disaster need not be committed - disastersYet() returns true as soon as log() has been called for a disastrous error.

static const char * Log::facility( Facility f )

This static function returns a string describing f.

String Log::id()

Returns the identity of this log; this is a string which can be used to locate log data in the logfile.

void Log::log( const String & m, Severity s )

Logs m using severity s. What happens to the message depends on the type of Logger used, and the log server configuration.

void Log::setFacility( Facility f )

Changes this Log's facility to f.

static const char * Log::severity( Severity s )

This static function returns a string describing s.

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