Class TableBase.

Inherits Garbage. Inherited by Table.

TableBase is a helper class for the Table template.

Table, in order to be small and fully inline, puts some functions in an inherited base class: TableBase.

TableBase is responsible for doing anything which Table needs done and which doesn't fit in a small inline function in table.h.


Creates an empty TableBase

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

void TableBase::clear()

Clears the list of logged failures. This may be used immediately after failures(), for example.

String TableBase::failures()

Returns a string describing the noted lookup failures since the last call to clear(). A limited number of failures are logged, to prevent this string from growing out of all proportion.

void TableBase::note( uint i )

Note that i has been searched for, but not found. The relevant database row will later be fetched from the database.

The number of remembered items are capped at 1024. There should be a limit, but how high should it be? We don't want to send the server arbitrarily big queries. If the load becomes bad, we want to fail in a way which keeps the database working well.


Deletes the TableBase, erasing all records.

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