The access_keys table

Archiveopteryx generally grants access to mailboxes only to authenticated users, as governed by the users and permissions tables. However, some IMAP/SMTP extensions also provide temporary access to a specific message to unauthenticated entities.

The mailbox owner uses IMAP URLAUTH to ask for a cookie which grants access to that particular message. Archiveopteryx makes one and stores it in this table, and anyone who has the cookie can read the message using IMAP URLAUTH, IMAP CATENATE or SMTP BURL.

The cookie has no time limit.

create table access_keys ( -- Grant: select, insert, delete userid integer not null references users(id) on delete cascade, mailbox integer not null references mailboxes(id) on delete cascade, key text not null, primary key (userid, mailbox) );

The access_keys table was introduced in version 1.12.

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