Class SubjectThread.

Inherits Garbage

The SubjectThread class models a simple thread. Not a pretty tree or even DAG, just a set of messages and a subject.

The SubjectThread class is meant to be small, small and small: Sometimes (perhaps often) we need to keep SubjectThread objects for an entire Mailbox in RAM. Size is more important than functionality.

If an IMAP THREAD command needs to return a tree, it has to compute the tree itself. This class can help make that simpler, that's all.

If an ArchiveThread needs to display information about some/all threads, this class can help make it simpler, but it isn't sufficient in and of itself.

The Threader creates and updates SubjectThread objects.


Constructs an empty Thread.

Reimplements Garbage::Garbage().

void SubjectThread::add( uint uid )

Records that uid is a member of this thread.

uint SubjectThread::id() const

Returns the database ID of this thread, or 0 if the thread still isn't recorded in the database. 0 is perfectly possible - Threader will notify its users as soon as it can, even if the thread IDs aren't known yet.

IntegerSet SubjectThread::members() const

Returns all the members of this thread. This may include deleted messages.

void SubjectThread::setId( uint id )

Records that id is the database ID of this thread.

void SubjectThread::setSubject( const UString & subject )

Records that subject is the base subject of this thread (ie. without "re", "fwd" or similar).

UString SubjectThread::subject() const

Returns whatever was set by setSubject(), or an empty string initially.

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